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Technical Data Milan GT
Length 2,75 m
Width 0.76 m body/0.80 m outside front wheels
Height 88,3 cm (unloaded)
Weight 24,5 kg
Turningradius 11-13 m (depending on front wheel tyres)
Seat angle adjustable

The “Milan GT” is the forefather of the Milan family. The ingenious aerodynamic concept makes it a superior vehicle, especially in everyday use under adverse conditions, provided that the specified weight distribution is well balanced with the help of the front luggage compartments. In the shoulder area, the body is kept relatively wide, so that even “sturdier” drivers with a wide cross can find room.

The GT is slightly larger in dimensions than the SL. However, larger drivers usually have more power in their legs, and the GT also has a larger area for the sailing effect, so that the supposed disadvantage is actually none at all!

Technical Data Milan SL
Length 2,73 m
Width 0.696 m body
Height 81,5 cm (unloaded)
Weight 24 kg
Turningradius 14 m (depending on front wheel tyres)
Seat angle adjustable

The “MIlan SL” is the little sister or brother of the GT.

Due to its narrower and flatter body, it has a better airflow, which makes it one of the fastest velomobiles ever, as the many world records alone testify.

Due to the lower ground clearance and the larger turning circle, this velomobile feels very comfortable, especially on longer overland routes. Due to the consistent construction as a monocoque without larger openings in the body, the body offers an extreme stiffness, which is often underestimated.

The SL is easy to ride for riders up to ±185 cm tall.

All Milan-Velomobiles are equipped as standard with:

  • high-quality carbon fabric with higher strength = complete vehicle made of carbon fibre
  • one-piece carbon front mast, with adjustable bottom bracket slide
  • complete electrical system: 2 separately switchable high-performance Cyo-Premium front
  • headlights, flasher system with 4x 3 Watt LED, daytime running light integrated as LED in the rear, brake light integrated as LED in the rear, horn, lithium-ion battery from Lupine
  • 2x 11-speed SRAM gears, various gradations selectable
  • trigger shift lever
  • high-quality car paint available in various RAL colours
  • hatch cover in carbon
  • tubeless rims (can also be driven with tubes)
  • front and rear full suspension (without rear suspension a.A.)
  • speedometer
  • vehicle weight ready to drive: approx. 24 kg
  • service flap for rear derailleur and rear wheel axle at the rear, can be opened without tools