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Alleweder A6


Alleweder A6
The Alleweder A6 comes standard on plastic rims with 90 mm brakes in the front and disc brake (parking brake) in the rear. The body is made in GRP (fiberglass plastic) in Germany. A production in carbon is not possible.
You can download a tabular surcharge and configuration list here.
Weather protection tarp incl. mounting
Already included with the versions A6 TL25, TL45, DD45!
Headlights with E-mark (for mopeds).
Already included with the versions A6 TL25, TL45, DD45!
 Busch & Müller headlight only for A6 pedal version!
  • LED headlight Satellite with high beam function.
  • Diameter 44 mm
  • E-mark

Not available for A6 pedal version.
Already included for A6 TL45 and A6 DD45.
Flasher system 12 volt incl. Mounting.
For A6 TL25, TL45 and DD45 already included!
Please note:
For the A6 pedal version you need a 12V battery pack here.
Diode taillight 12 volt.
With A6 TL25, TL45 and DD45 already included!
Please note:
For the A6 pedal version you need a 12V battery pack here.
The Smurf gearbox is an ultra-flat planetary gearbox, which is located on the right between the bottom bracket and chainring. By installing a Schlumpf gearbox, there is virtually no change in the installation dimensions, i.e. both chain line and position of the pedal cranks remain largely unchanged.
Attention: only for A6 pedal and A6 DD45 version.
Rohloff 14-speed hub gears
Attention: not for A6 DD45 version
The unique N380 gear hub allow you to change the gear ratio between pedals and rear wheel in a continuous flow. You simply turn the shift lever - and your gear ratio is continuously adjusted. And it always does so with equal comfort, whether you're coasting, pedaling under load, or at a stoplight.

Moreover, it is virtually maintenance-free because it is a self-contained system.
Attention: not for A6 DD45 version

Shimano Alfine derailleur
Attention: not for A6 DD45 version
  • Efficient SPD binding with easy entry on one side of the pedal and platform on the other (for road shoes).
  • Improved grip on the flat pedal side for more control
  • Axle unit with sealed compact bearing minimizes maintenance requirements
  • Adjustable entry and exit hardness on the SPD side
Standard colors are:
  • Signal white
  • Red
  • Yellow

Alternatively desired color according to RAL
Battery pack with 33 Ah instead of 16 Ah of the standard version for A6 TL25
Surcharge for double battery (2x 22 Ah).
Only available for A6 DD45 version.
  • Speedometer Sigma with bracket on fender.
  • 6 functions

Only optional for A6 pedal version, included with A6 DD45.
Cycle Analyst calculates the following data, among others, while driving:

Voltages, Watts, Amps: The instantaneous electrical power drawn from the battery.

Amp-hours, Watt-hours: The net energy drawn from the battery since the meter was reset. Accumulated amp-hours provide information about the remaining energy in the battery pack, with far greater accuracy than a voltage or LED display.

Speed, distance, time: all the basic functions of a bike computer, including average and maximum speed, plus a total odometer.

Peak currents and voltage drop: Records maximum forward and reverse currents, as well as minimum voltage of the battery pack.

Total battery cycles and amp-hours: Stores information about the life cycle of the vehicle's battery, such as how many charge and discharge cycles the battery has gone through and how many amp-hours have been delivered throughout its life.

Speed limit: This has the advantage of being able to comply with the speed limit for e-bikes in most countries. When used at full throttle, it acts as cruise control for the electric bike. It can also be beneficial for riders who want to increase their torque and power by using a higher voltage battery without also increasing their top speed.

Current Limit: An adjustable current limit is useful for preventing damage to the batteries from excessive current draw, increasing range on a single charge, and protecting the motor controller and motor in configurations that draw too many amps.

Voltage Cutoff: Undervoltage cutoff is used to protect a battery pack from discharging too deeply, which can cause cell inversion for NiMH/NiCad batteries, permanent cell damage for lithium batteries, and sulfation for lead-acid batteries. The programmable undervoltage reset allows you to set an appropriate undervoltage point tailored to your battery.

For further information please visit the homepage of Cycle Analyst .

Attention: not for A6 Pedal version
Fabric velomobile garage tailored to fit Alleweder A6
Alleweder A6
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Product information "Alleweder A6"
The Alleweder 6 is based on the chassis of the Alleweder 4, but has a plastic skin made of fiberglass. Each Alleweder is available as a pure velomobile with pedal drive or with 250 Watt / 25 km/h or 500W/2kW 45 km/h (S-)Pedelek control (with muscle power you can go as fast as you want - and can).

The TÜV-approved A6 Velomobile is a vehicle suitable for everyday use, which is characterized by:
  • good weather protection and clear view of the road
  • easy entry and exit
  • good accident protection due to stable bodywork
  • good ventilation when driving in summer
  • large trunk, partly accessible from the outside
  • easy maintenance due to inspection openings

Note: Video shows an A6 25TL with optional accessories