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Citkar Loadster eBike Cargo Bike


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Weber Anhängerkupplung mit 50 kg Stützlast 
Zusätzliche Batterie 800 Wh / 48 V 
  • Zusätzliches Ladegerät
  • Ladezeit 3,5 – 4,5 h an Haushaltssteckdose
Only valid in Germany
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Product information "Citkar Loadster eBike Cargo Bike"


You have probably seen cargo bikes before: these elongated bicycles with a more or less large box between the handlebars and the front wheel. You see them more and more in the inner cities, but also in rural areas.
Sometimes children sit in the box, sometimes the pet, sometimes a small shopping trip... But what if you want to transport something bigger and bulkier in an environmentally friendly way? Then the station wagon or delivery van had to be used again - until now!
The Citkar company from Berlin has succeeded in combining the advantages of an eBike with the need for larger transport options!
You can get the Citkar in the open version, or as a closed "short" and "long" version.
Simply use the configurator and put together your Citkar! You can test ride the Citkar Loadster free of charge from me in Ottersberg!


For bike logisticians who know what matters. Extra-large space for loads with safe and comfortable driving. Real all-round view without superstructures for a pure driving experience.
  • No frills: the value-for-money workhorse.
  • Swallows the load: up to 1,350 litres in the box the size of a Euro pallet
  • Enormous load capacity: up to 200 kg payload
Download PDF (German)


The new standard for commercial vehicles. With the Loadster you get a mobility solution that not only looks good, but also offers plenty of possibilities. Decide what you want to use the Loadster for: it adapts to your needs.
  • For beginners: intuitive to drive and modularly adaptable.
  • Spacious and comfortable: large cabin with space for bags and utensils
  • Plenty of storage space: large load floor or box with 640 litres
Download PDF (German)


A real heavy-duty bike without compromise. The same comfort and riding pleasure with maximum load. The Loadster MAX is probably the most sophisticated solution for shifting large loads elegantly onto the bike path.
  • Gets around the bend: more load with the same wheelbase.
  • Makes individuality possible: many different superstructures can be realised
  • More attention: maximum advertising space for your message
Download PDF  (German)

Note: for self-employed persons in Germany (sideline business is sufficient!) there is a subsidy of up to 4000€ from the state!