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Milan Velomobile


Content: 1 Stück

Available, delivery time 5-7 months

Milan Configurator
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Hier ist eine Mehrfachauswahl möglich
  • Standard lighting: IQ-X front, battery + charger
  • Kellermann option: IQ-X front, 4 small flashing LEDs front, Kellermann modules right and left rear
  • Safety module: IQ-X on top in module on top of the Milan, Kellermann modules on the module

Each incl. charger for the battery
When selecting the Lupine SL AX, please select at least the 6.9 Ah battery!
Multiple choice possible
Die Tretmast-Abstützung vermindert die Wankbewegung des Tretlagermastes bei starken Belastungen (unrunder Tritt, Bergauffahrten).
Die standard Federung wird durch einen zusätzlichen Luftbalg unterstützt. Die standard Federung dient nur noch als Reibdämpfer, die ein Aufschaukeln des Luftbalgs verhindern soll.
Transportkosten vom Werk in Rumänien nach Ottersberg
Milan Configurator
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250 kg
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Product information "Milan Velomobile"
The Milan is one of the fastest velomobiles on the international market. Many records testify to its ability. And although it is record-breaking fast, many riders also ride the Milan in their everyday commute to work - quite normally on the road between the other commuters in their cars!
This is made possible by the sophisticated aerodynamics and a low-friction chain guide. Together with the driver, the Milan wants to eat up kilometres, it literally craves to be moved at 40, 50, 60 km/h and more.
Sound unbelievable? Experience it for yourself on a test ride!

All Milan models are still based on the ingenious design of Hamburg aerodynamicist Eggert Bülk. Characteristic of the successful concept remains the sum of positive features that prove themselves in everyday use under difficult conditions. The aerodynamics are not only trimmed for extremely low air resistance, but also the susceptibility to crosswinds is absolutely low for such a light vehicle. 
When properly loaded, the Milan maintains its inherently stable running behaviour even in strong crosswinds, i.e. the crosswind itself causes a correction of the deflection, so that it is often not even possible to notice which direction the wind is coming from.

All Milans are equipped as standard with:

  • high-quality carbon fabric with higher strength = complete vehicle made of carbon, there is no longer a glass variant
  • One-piece front mast made of carbon, with adjustability of the bottom bracket slide
  • Complete electrical system: 2 separately switchable high-performance Cyo-Premium front headlights, turn signal system with 4x 3 Watt LED, daytime running light integrated as LED in the rear, brake light integrated as LED in the rear, horn, lithium-ion battery from Lupine
  • 2x 11 gears SRAM shifting, different gear ratios selectable
  • Trigger gear lever
  • High-quality car paint in various RAL colours selectable
  • Hatch cover in carbon
  • Tubeless rims (can also be ridden with inner tubes)
  • Full front and rear suspension (without rear suspension a.o.)
  • Speedometer
  • Vehicle weight ready to ride: approx. 24 kg (SL)
  • Service flap for rear derailleur and rear wheel axle at the rear, can be opened without tools

Technical data:

Data Milan SL

Length 2.73 m
Width 0.696 m Body
Height 81.5 cm (unloaded)
Weight 24 kg
Turning circle 14 m (depending on front wheel tyres)
Seat angle adjustable

Data Milan GT

Length 2.75 m
Width 0.76 m Body
Height 88.3 cm (unloaded)
Weight 24.5 kg
Turning circle 11-13 m (depending on front wheel tyres)
Adjustable seat angle