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Let your boss finance your Velomobile

Using JobRad as an example

Leasing with JobRad is only available within Germany.

A velomobile is fun, keeps you fit, is inexpensive and clever! Employees have the opportunity to purchase their velomobile through their employer and thus always be mobile – on the way to work and in their free time.

How employees can obtain their dream velomobile through their boss is explained here:

“Together we configure your dream bike. The monthly installments are deducted from your gross salary. Thanks to advantageous taxation you save considerably compared to direct purchase – up to 40 percent”.

A leased velomobile offers many advantages

The JobRad concept is simple and convincing: People who cycle actively contribute to environmental protection, often save time, are fitter and healthier.

By the way, a recent study by the Technical University of Munich confirms that employees who opt for a company bike/velomobile use the bike more often – both for the journey to work and in everyday life.

Cycling keeps fit

Those who regularly ride a velomobile live longer and healthier lives – and are more resilient in everyday life, less stressed and more motivated at work. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), just 30 minutes of cycling per day is enough to effectively prevent back and joint diseases and to strengthen the immune system.

And employers also benefit from this.

Bicycle commuters are on average two days less ill each year. No wonder that about 15,000 employers, including Bosch, SAP and Deutsche Bahn, are already convinced by the JobRad model. They benefit from healthier and more motivated employees.

JobRad advantages at a glance!

  • Strong for health
  • JobRadlers are fitter – and less ill
  • Strong for the environment
  • JobRadlers protect the environment
  • Strong for the wallet
  • Employees save significantly with JobRad compared to direct purchase
  • Saves parking space
  • Employers also save money. Because employee parking spaces are expensive. Seven
  • JobRadlers share one parking space!
  • Saves time
  • Thanks to digital processing via the JobRad portal, only minimal effort is required
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