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Velomobiles are superior to “normal” bicycles in terms of speed – as evidenced by the countless records that will be broken on velomobiles around the world.

One of the largest associations for the organization and execution of record rides is WHPVA.org 

An up-to-date list of records can be found from here http://www.whpva.org/land.html#370

TIP: Why don’t you search for “Milan” in the listing ūüėČ

There is also an association in Germany: the HPV e.V.

You can find the list of records and record attempts here: http://www.hpv.org/rekord-ticker.html

Do you also want to set records or get from A to B as effectively as possible?

Arrange a test drive and see for yourself how easy it is to drive longer distances over 40km/h with muscle power!