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Cellphone Holder / Mobilephone Holder V2


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Product information "Cellphone Holder / Mobilephone Holder V2"

The cell phone holder V2 has been redeveloped! 

Inspired by our own experiences and those of our customers, we have optimized the successful cell phone holder:
  • Over 25% lighter! 
  • More stable! 
  • Stronger adhesive fastening! 
  • Steeper viewing angle, making it easier to see! 
  • Can now be mounted on the right or left! 
  • For cell phones between approx. 5.5 and approx. 8.5 cm wide

This makes it easier for taller riders to position their cell phone. The steeper viewing angle eliminates any reflections that may occur, allowing the phone to be mounted further down on the wheel arch.

The screw connection of the universal holder has also been optimized and can now be tightened without special tools if necessary. To do this, the cell phone holder only needs to be detached from the wheel arch, the screw is now freely accessible from behind!

Universal use! The cell phone holder now fits on: Milan, Bülk, DF, Alleweder...