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Welcome to Velomobile Ottersberg

If you want to get from A to B in a CO2-neutral and sporty way, you have come to the right place!
Our velomobiles are among the fastest and most effective powered by muscle power.


A velomobile is a fully enclosed recumbent tricycle. It is usually powered by muscle power, but can also be electrified.


Maintenance and care is much easier than with a "normal" bicycle. A little oil, grease and love is usually enough for the encapsulated drive, the brakes are indestructible, so a visual check and, if necessary, a new brake cable is enough every few thousand kilometres.


The enclosing fairing guides the airflow around the velomobile. As a result, there is hardly any braking turbulence.

Velomobile riders are usually very sociable and there are joint rides and meetings throughout the year.

What types of velomobiles are there?

Velomobiles differ in several areas: there are those with a large or small turning circle, a lot or little storage space, three or four wheels, the fast and the slower ones, with a bonnet and without... At first glance, it's all quite confusing.

The models I offer combine the best of all categories: sporty and fast, but still with enough storage space to go camping or for shopping in between. 

Come and see for yourself and test drive one of the models. You will be amazed at how fast you can be with muscle power and how the kilometres just melt away!

Velomobiles ride on the road?

Sure they do! 

On the right you can see a video of my daily commute to my job in Stresemannstraße in Bremen/Germany at the time.

The route goes through villages, along district and state roads with 70 and 100 km/h zones and into the city of Bremen/Germany in the morning rush hour. 

Velo... what?

Many people ask again: "Velo... what?", although actually every bicycle is a velomobile. However, it is only in recent years that the term velomobile has become established as a counterpoint to the automobile and describes a very specific type of bicycle: that of the fully disguised recumbent.


Our sales station 

Information about our sales station in the heart of Ottersberg can be found here!

We are easily accessible by Deutsche Bahn, as well as via the A1 and A27 motorways!


Financing / Leasing

Should the employer finance the Milan? It's also possible if you are self-employed! Save up to 40% compared to cash purchase! 

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The employer does not want to finance the Milan and you prefer to finance it yourself? 

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Milan Velomobile
The Milan is one of the fastest velomobiles on the international market. Many records testify to its ability. And although it is record-breaking fast, many riders also ride the Milan in their everyday commute to work - quite normally on the road between the other commuters in their cars!This is made possible by the sophisticated aerodynamics and a low-friction chain guide. Together with the driver, the Milan wants to eat up kilometres, it literally craves to be moved at 40, 50, 60 km/h and more.Sound unbelievable? Experience it for yourself on a test ride!All Milan models are still based on the ingenious design of Hamburg aerodynamicist Eggert Bülk. Characteristic of the successful concept remains the sum of positive features that prove themselves in everyday use under difficult conditions. The aerodynamics are not only trimmed for extremely low air resistance, but also the susceptibility to crosswinds is absolutely low for such a light vehicle. When properly loaded, the Milan maintains its inherently stable running behaviour even in strong crosswinds, i.e. the crosswind itself causes a correction of the deflection, so that it is often not even possible to notice which direction the wind is coming from.All Milans are equipped as standard with:high-quality carbon fabric with higher strength = complete vehicle made of carbon, there is no longer a glass variantOne-piece front mast made of carbon, with adjustability of the bottom bracket slideComplete electrical system: 2 separately switchable high-performance Cyo-Premium front headlights, turn signal system with 4x 3 Watt LED, daytime running light integrated as LED in the rear, brake light integrated as LED in the rear, horn, lithium-ion battery from Lupine2x 11 gears SRAM shifting, different gear ratios selectableTrigger gear leverHigh-quality car paint in various RAL colours selectableHatch cover in carbonTubeless rims (can also be ridden with inner tubes)Full front and rear suspension (without rear suspension a.o.)SpeedometerVehicle weight ready to ride: approx. 24 kg (SL)Service flap for rear derailleur and rear wheel axle at the rear, can be opened without toolsTechnical data:Data Milan SLLength 2.73 mWidth 0.696 m BodyHeight 81.5 cm (unloaded)Weight 24 kgTurning circle 14 m (depending on front wheel tyres)Seat angle adjustableData Milan GTLength 2.75 mWidth 0.76 m BodyHeight 88.3 cm (unloaded)Weight 24.5 kgTurning circle 11-13 m (depending on front wheel tyres)Adjustable seat angle

> 500 available
DF Velomobile
The DF is one of the faster velomobiles on the international market. In everyday commuting to work - quite normally on the road between the other commuters in their cars, the DF prefers to ride. It is also used on race tracks - but then with so-called "trousers" covering the open wheel arches.The open wheel arches make the DF manoeuvrable and ideal for city driving. An optionally available head cover makes it completely weatherproof, and the service hatch in the nose is very easy to maintain.Sounds interesting? Experience it for yourself on a test ride!All DF are equipped as standard with:high quality carbon fabricOne-piece carbon front mast, with adjustable bottom bracket slideComplete electrical system: one high-performance Cyo-Premium front headlight, turn signal system with 8x 3 Watt LED, daytime running light integrated as LED in the rear, brake light integrated as LED in the rear, horn, lithium-ion battery from Lupine2x 11-speed gears, various gear ratios selectableTrigger gear leverHigh-quality car paint in various RAL colours selectableTubeless rims (can also be ridden with inner tubes)Full suspension front and rear Service flaps front and rear for rear derailleur, bottom bracket, etc.Data DFLength 2.57 mWidth 0.64 m BodyHeight 88cm (unloaded)Weight 25 kgTurning circle approx. 10 m Data DF XLLength 2.62 mWidth 0.66 m BodyHeight 91 cm (unloaded)Weight 25 kgTurning circle approx. 10 mColor Scheme:

> 500 available
Citkar Loadster eBike Cargo Bike
CITKAR - THE CARGO BIKE OF THE FUTUREYou have probably seen cargo bikes before: these elongated bicycles with a more or less large box between the handlebars and the front wheel. You see them more and more in the inner cities, but also in rural areas.Sometimes children sit in the box, sometimes the pet, sometimes a small shopping trip... But what if you want to transport something bigger and bulkier in an environmentally friendly way? Then the station wagon or delivery van had to be used again - until now!The Citkar company from Berlin has succeeded in combining the advantages of an eBike with the need for larger transport options!You can get the Citkar in the open version, or as a closed "short" and "long" version.Simply use the configurator and put together your Citkar! You can test ride the Citkar Loadster free of charge from me in Ottersberg!LOADSTER PUREFor bike logisticians who know what matters. Extra-large space for loads with safe and comfortable driving. Real all-round view without superstructures for a pure driving experience.No frills: the value-for-money workhorse.Swallows the load: up to 1,350 litres in the box the size of a Euro palletEnormous load capacity: up to 200 kg payloadDownload PDF (German)LOADSTER LIFEThe new standard for commercial vehicles. With the Loadster you get a mobility solution that not only looks good, but also offers plenty of possibilities. Decide what you want to use the Loadster for: it adapts to your needs.For beginners: intuitive to drive and modularly adaptable.Spacious and comfortable: large cabin with space for bags and utensilsPlenty of storage space: large load floor or box with 640 litresDownload PDF (German)LOADSTER MAXA real heavy-duty bike without compromise. The same comfort and riding pleasure with maximum load. The Loadster MAX is probably the most sophisticated solution for shifting large loads elegantly onto the bike path.Gets around the bend: more load with the same wheelbase.Makes individuality possible: many different superstructures can be realisedMore attention: maximum advertising space for your messageDownload PDF  (German)Note: for self-employed persons in Germany (sideline business is sufficient!) there is a subsidy of up to 4000€ from the state!


Velomobile Ottersberg sells velomobiles, recumbent tricycles and the Citkar e-bike between Bremen and Hamburg. Conveniently located, Velomobile Ottersberg can be reached quickly from Bremen by Metronom, but also via the A1 and A27 motorways.

You can test drive the Velomobile Milan, Velomobile DF and Alleweder A6 here. The test rides with the velomobiles take place in the vicinity of Ottersberg on one of two a predefined routes. Here you can test the velomobile in flowing traffic on different road surfaces.

The recumbent trikes from ICE: ICE VTX, ICE Sprint X, ICE Adventure and Adventure HD as well as the ICE Fullfat can also be purchased from Velomobile Ottersberg! The ICE Sprint X as well as Adventure HD I have as demonstration vehicles here.

The eCargobike Loadster by Citkar is also available for a test ride. You can choose between unloaded or fully loaded with up to 230kg weight and test it here in Ottersberg.

IMPORTANT: please make an appointment in advance!