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GPS-Amplifier / Repeater


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Product information "GPS-Amplifier / Repeater"
In modern carbon velomobiles, GPS reception is severely limited. The signal is blocked by the carbon used for the most part, a navigation by cell phone, smartwatch or eg Garmin® is, if at all, only limited possible.
With this GPS amplifier you will have a signal!

The package consists of receiver (is attached to the outside of the car body) and a transmitter. Because the transmitter is mounted next to the driver, all GPS receiving devices (smartwatch, cell phone, navi,...) have reception!

For this purpose, if selected, a converter can also be purchased, which converts the on-board voltage (7.2 - 14.4 V) down to 5V necessary for the GPS unit. Otherwise the connection is done via USB.

NOTE: most powerbanks switch off due to the extremely low consumption of the GPS amplifier! I recommend the connection via the converter!